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Ordered "Navratan Kurma" - what do I get chopped vegetables (beans, peas, carrots) from safeway put in a generic bright yellow gravy. Gravy too appeared to be from a can! Guys, please! On top of that the guy at counter asked me, not very politely, if I'm visiting here first time. He WANTS TO know my FEEDBACK - yes! you did raise your voice. I know how navratan kurma is supposed to be. You just can't mix something random and expect me to love it. Please, please go and check your competitions - Spice Hut - I'll be paying $4 bucks for a far far better dish than the crap you served for $8.
PJ, Tue Feb 22, 2011
the food here is too bad. Specially Hyderabadi biryani...Its bland and tasteless.
Food_lover, Mon Feb 14, 2011
Love the food espically
mango lassi
Parikshit, Sun Sep 12, 2010
Gobi Manchurian and Cut Mirchi are must-have dishes. If you want nice family cooked dinner, this is the place.
Sudhakar, Tue Aug 11, 2009
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